Platform allows teachers to offer interactive, online classes™ ( announces the addition of its latest platform feature which allows registered WebTeachers to offer interactive, online classes for up to 1000 students at a time.'s new "WebTeachinar" Technology is intended for educators, schools or enterprises wishing to teach a class or an entire course without identifying and inviting potential students in advance. Online registration remains open until the class has reached its maximum student capacity (at a teacher's discretion or up to 1,000). Hosts can adjust the tuition cost per individual participant, including no cost participation.

Today's WebTeach Live! and WebTeachinar features include:

  • WebTeach Exclusive: Video record the tutoring or teaching session for unlimited play back by the student or the teacher
  • Interactive whiteboard – draw, highlight images, share pictures and freeform draw
  • Screenshare – share an entire screen, a specific document, websites and apps
  • Word processor– collaborate on essays and reports
  • WebTeach Live! video and audio chat – participants experience the look and feel of a real classroom
  • Polling - Create engaging check-in questions for classroom without interrupting session flow
  • Create and manage sessions utilizing a comprehensive dashboard and social media style messaging
  • Store and retrieve previous WebTeach Live! sessions using cloud drive archiving

The Classrooms in the Clouds App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at