Schools Turning To Free, Curated Open Educational Resources

Net Texts is a free, web-based system that provides teachers access to a library of OER content, which they can then combine with their own resources to create and publish lessons directly to students’ iPads, Android tablets, or computers. Schools can save up to $250 per student per year by reducing or eliminating costs for textbooks and curriculum materials.

Teachers can find, build and customize multimedia courses from Net Texts’ mix-and-match library of more than 21,000 free OER items from providers like Curriki, Khan Academy, and some of the world’s top colleges and universities. Complete lessons, units and courses are available in subjects ranging from British and American Literature to Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and U.S. and World History.

Net Texts also allows teachers to add their own content and resources, change or update lessons at any time, and deliver them directly to students. Using the free Net Texts app, students can download the courses to their tablets and engage in interactive learning at any time, inside and outside the classroom. Because the content is stored locally on the devices, there is no need for students to have Wi-Fi access in order to view and complete their assignments.