Social networking brought to school yearbooks

TreeRing's new social yearbook integrates the popularity of social networking with the safety of a private network for schools. The school community can share, like, and comment on photos, memories, and events from the school year. Parents and students are then able to personalize their yearbook by choosing the photos and memories they find most important, and have those photos and memories printed in their unique copy of the school yearbook.

The new social features include:

+ Memories: Every student has the opportunity to capture their very best memories and moments with TreeRing – best friends, greatest moments, and special accomplishments.
+ Bling: Students can send each other clever, full-color badges – inside jokes, expressions of friendship and mementos from the year – that can be printed in their copy of the school yearbook.
+ Signatures: TreeRing offers students the ability to electronically sign each other's yearbook and to include a personal photograph.
+ Community: Students can add friends, "like" someone else's memory, make comments about a classmate's photo, and chime in on the "Justin Bieber vs. One Direction" debate.
+ Social Media Integration: Students can add photos to their book directly from Facebook and Flickr. They can also share their personal pages with their TreeRing community or to other social sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The new features are included in the TreeRing yearbook publishing platform and are available to all users free of charge.