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First seven Steve Jobs Schools opened in the Netherlands

Seven schools have opened in the Netherlands that operate according to the principles of the O4NT foundation ( Education for a New Era) and employing a one-to-one iPad approach, which offers every child access to a virtual school. The “Master Steve Jobs School” in Sneek and the “Steve Jobs School Breda” are implementing all facets of O4NT education simultaneously.

In the O4NT approach teachers will be coaches that support children with their individual and group projects. Because educational apps are used for basic skills, the learning process can be adapted to the individual child’s learning speed and style.

O4NT and its partner developers have introduced various new tools.“sCoolSpace” is a virtual schoolyard, where students can meet safely in an augmented-reality environment. The “Tiktik sCoolTool” system manages schedules, attendance, parent contact and portfolios, all at the same time. Students use “sCoolProjects” to work on research projects and other assignments in small groups, supported by a coach. Through “iDesk Learning Tracker”, teachers and parents (and publishers) can follow the results their children achieved using educational apps. “DigiTalenten” will annually report on what the students’ digital life looks like and what ICT skills children have mastered. “Symbaloo” is used for sharing and distributing knowledge, within the school as well as between schools and O4NT.