AP Computer Science MOOC offers in-person support

Class began this week for 1,265 students enrolled in Amplify's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for AP Computer Science. The course will give students two semesters of academic instruction and help prepare them for the College Board’s AP Computer Science exam.

In addition to the 1,265 students enrolled in the Amplify MOOC, 317 schools in 30 states will be enrolling additional students over the next eight months in the Amplify MOOC Local program. Schools participating in MOOC Local can monitor and track their students' progress and performance as well as access additional instructional materials.

Students can enroll in the MOOC and turn in homework, tests and quizzes anytime before the course ends on May 6, 2014. Individual schools enrolled in MOOC Local may set additional deadlines. Visit https://users-mooc.amplify.com/ for more information.