New online training workshop helps educators develop badge program

Atomic Learning has recently expanded its online training library to include a training workshop on using badges in the classroom. This online training workshop is made for teachers of any subject or grade level to learn how to develop a badge program of their own by following Colorado technology teacher Brad Flickinger’s 7 step program.

"Educators, imagine having half of the classroom lost and not following what you're teaching, but the other half bored out of their minds because they already know how to do what you're teaching," Flickinger said.

Starting with tech basics, internet safety, and moving onto research, digital writing, and more advanced badges, Flickinger's students receive each badge as they complete the related technology projects in his class.

To access the workshop, visit

Atomic Learning has also added in-depth training on many Google applications, iOS 7, ColdFusion, and flipping the classroom, as well as workshops on moving to the cloud and using an iPad as an eReader to help educators fully integrate technology in their classrooms. To see the list of content recently added to the training library, visit the Atomic Learning blog at