Multi-camera production systems debut

NewTekTM has unveiled the next generation of its TriCaster multi-camera production systems, introducing three new models—TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460, and TriCaster 410, and enhancements to the company’s flagship system, TriCaster 8000.

  • TriCaster 410—a compact system with a full 4 M/E production switcher, HD-SDI connectivity, and tools for live-only delivery, for small to medium-sized live shows or webcasts with media sharing and disk recording capabilities.
  • TriCaster 460—a compact system with a full 4 M/E production switcher with greater connectivity and broader creative flexibility for any small or medium-sized production, particularly where live video content is touched up, re-packaged or re-purposed for postproduction or supplemental programming.
  • TriCaster 860—a system designed for full-sized live action with an abundance of angles, visuals, coverage and postproduction tools, offering a full 8 M/E production switcher, plus more channels, sources, I/O, graphics and effects, and greater capacity for media storage.
  • TriCaster 8000—with a premium 8 M/E production switcher, built-in failsafe and redundancy capabilities, and extensive router support for enhanced broadcast integration, multi-camera coverage.

New features include:

  • Enhanced virtual sets
  • “Holographic” live virtual sets
  • Expanded media publishing
  • Animation, title and still image buffers
  • Expanded outputs and monitoring
  • Robotic camera control
  • Extensive control and automation functions

Starting prices are TriCaster 410 for $9,995 USMRP; TriCaster 460 for $14,995 USMSRP; and TriCaster 860 for $24,995 USMSRP, with optional control surfaces for these systems sold separately. For full details, visit