Today's Newsletter: The Great Tablet Debacles

Time to check in on what will be known as the great tablet debacles of 2013. Think the news in Los Angeles can’t get worse? The L.A. Times reports that the original costs for the district’s mammoth iPad rollout were underestimated. Each device now carries a price tag of about $770. Businessweek provides a good executive summary here . Meanwhile, Amplify announced that the company will replace all 15 thousand devices in Guilford County School District (NC) after reports of broken screens and exposed wires. Yet the momentum to tablet-fy our nation’s youth continues in districts such as Coachella Valley Unified, Brookfield School District, and The Clear Creek Independent School District near Houston. Seems to me the debate over whether or not students will have devices in the classroom is over. The question still remains of whether or not they will be use effectively as a learning tool. —Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director.