Audio Note-Taker for iPad Now a Free App

Audiolio, the app by Escape Velocity Apps that allows iPad users the ability to add bookmarks, handwritten notes and freehand sketches to their audio recordings, has been updated for iOS 7.0.

Audiolio allows users to annotate meeting minutes, interviews, podcasts, audio books, bookmark locations in their recorded audio, and associate notes and images with the created bookmarks. Important sections of recordings can be tagged with timestamps, captions, notes and images, enabling users to quickly scan or search for specific parts of a recording.


*Create bookmarks in audio
* Record audio
* Sketch drawings and add pictures to notes.
* Access existing audio from iPod library
* Bookmark audio with timestamps, captions, notes, and pictures
* Share bookmarks via Dropbox, Email, or iTunes File Sharing
* Share bookmarks in the following formats: PDF, text file, or Audiolio's proprietary file format
* Instantly share bookmarks with other Audiolio users using the Audiolio file format
* Share recordings as .m4a
* Use Text Expander Snippets for quick note-taking
* Use a USB external microphone for high-quality recordings (requires iPad Camera Connection Kit)

Audiolio is free and available through the App Store in the Productivity category (