Shmoop Launches New Math Shack Quiz Tool

Teachers with SAT or ACT Prep licenses from Shmoop can now assign a Math Shack quiz with an infinite number of reps and drills to help their students study for these critical exams.

The library of rules offers over 200 topics and concepts, including Geometry, Algebra, Functions, Numbers & Operations, and Data Analysis. Teachers can schedule a time for individual students to complete personalized quizzes that focus on stubborn problem areas like linear equations, coordinate planes, and negative exponents.

All Shmoop accounts with either an SAT or ACT Prep teacher license can log in and click ‘Create Classroom’ from the Profile page. The ‘Assignments’ tab has the option to ‘Create Assignment’ and generate as many Math Shack quizzes its teachers desire.

For teachers who don’t have a Shmoop account but want to help their students grab the y-axis by its tail and turn it on its head, visit