ThingLink Launches Teacher Accounts with Safe Search and Student Signup

ThingLink has today released a significant update to one of its most active communities: education. This update includes a number of features including:

* Google Plus login

* Student signup: Teachers can now register new students on their behalf. Students do not need to have a working email address, yet they all will receive an individual user account.

* Automatic group creation on Teacher sign-up: Teachers will automatically get one group to which they can add students by listing their names

* Automatic student/teacher signup based on email domain. School districts can now also apply for Thinglink Educational status, which means that students can automatically sign up with their own accounts, and receive teacher/student privileges

* Safe browsing environment: If the logged-in user is assigned student status, they can only see images created by other people with student status, teacher status, or images specifically curated by Thinglink Staff. This affects search, streams, hashtags, and channels.

* Google Video safe search. If the user is assigned student status, we automatically apply the maximum limits to Google Video search.