New Character For Mayan Mysteries Designed by Student

Dig-It! Games, an independent developer of interactive educational games, today unveiled its newest Mayan Mysteries game character, “Anna,” designed by 9th grade student Michaela M.

Michaela's drawing and character description for Anna, a 23-year-old archaeologist, earned more than 700 total votes by the general public on Facebook. Michaela will receive an adapted version of her character drawing, along with a 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and a free Single User online license of the new game.

Michaela entered the character drawing contest at the recommendation of Art Teacher Jordan Reasor.

For Reasor’s support of her students, Dig-It! Games donated a Mayan Mysteries Classroom Edition license, a $149.99 value, to Monticello Academy. The Classroom Edition will enable up to 30 students to access and play the Mayan Mysteries educational online game. With a built-in Teacher Management System, educators can track individual student and class progress within the game and also against national learning standards.