2009 Leadership Monographs Available Online

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today announced that its 2009 Compendium, which provides in-depth guidance and professional development resources on key issues facing education technology leaders, is now available online here.

An upcoming online forum, to run from October 15 to December 15, will focus on one of the topics explored in the 2009 Compendium: digital alternatives to textbooks. For more information on CoSN's online forums, visit http://www.cosn.org/Forums/tabid/4432/Default.aspx.

The leadership monographs include:

* The Green Computing Imperative - What can your district do to reduce e-waste, improve energy efficiency and save precious resources? Educators and companies share advice on "Going Green."
* Working Together: How ESA's Help Small District Meet Their Technology and Service Needs - Small school districts in rural America are well acquainted with hard times. To address them, they have learned to work together, with assistance from regional cooperatives.
* The Future of Textbooks: Evolutionary, Revolutionary or More of the Same? - While forward-thinking educators, parents, and chiropractors have long called for an alternative to the textbook-laden backpack, schools have been slow to consider such a radical notion. Is all that about to change?
* Educators and the Long Tail: Implications for Teaching and Professional Development - In this follow-up to last year's introduction to "the long tail" in education, we look at how these concepts apply to the ways teachers teach, learn and grow professionally.
* Web 2.0 in Education: Policy, Practice and Progress - Social networking and participatory culture are an integral part of life today. Will schools jump on the bandwagon or be left behind?
* 21st Century Networks for 21st Century Schools: Making the Case for Broadband - How much bandwidth does your school district need? Read on for advice on how --and why -- to upgrade to broadband cost-effectively.

The full Compendium is available free of charge for CoSN members and sold to non-members. Executive summaries of each of the six monographs are available for free to members and non-members alike.