Multimedia Program Uses Music to Explore World Cultures

Listen for Life™, a nonprofit music-media organization ha created Travels With Music™ to introduce students to world cultures, using music as the gateway. The multimedia program explores the richness and diversity of 15 world cultures – Bulgaria, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Senegal, the Philippines, Trinidad, and the USA – through the use of 300 video and audio segments that comprise six hours of classroom instruction.

Available as both an online subscription and on DVD, Travels With Music introduces each culture by providing perspective on its origins and history, its surrounding geography, and what makes that culture unique in terms of its customs, traditions, language(s), and music.

Travels With Music introduces the musical instruments native to each culture, and enables students to see and hear Master Musicians showcasing their instruments through instruction and performance footage. A downloadable Teacher’s Guide provides background information for each culture and musician, a Glossary of Music Terms, and a series of multiple choice questions for assessment of each unit. Individual subscriptions, as well as DVDs or DVD-ROMs, are sold for $69.95 each. Teachers with online subscriptions may purchase student accounts for $10 per student.

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