New Digital Updates for Woodcock-Johnson IV Assessment Suite

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt-Riverside has officially launched the next generation of its Woodcock-Johnson Assessment Suite. Woodcock-Johnson IV includes updates and new features, including online scoring and reporting and extensive ELL assessment offerings.

New features include:

  • A 24-7 online scoring and reporting system that offers secure access to the WJ environment via any computer with internet access (with mobile, offline access is slated for later this year)
  • Real-time results and a variety of reporting tools, including comprehensive, longitudinal and summary reports
  • The Roster Report, a group report providing options to select subjects by demographic or by subgroup in order to view a variety of scores across tests and clusters
  • The Parent Report, available in English or Spanish, offering a graphical representation and a qualitative description of a child’s scores and designed to be easy for families to understand
  • New ELL evaluation options within the Tests of Oral Language, including tools for examiners who are not proficient in Spanish

Woodcock-Johnson IV offers three independent and co-normed batteries that provide psychologists, teachers and speech language pathologists with the appropriate information to measure students’ cognitive abilities, achievement and oral language skills.