ThingLink for Video launching at ISTE

ThingLink interactive image network launches a new editor for annotating videos with notes and rich media. The new editor allows users to add notes and links to existing video content.

Interactive video contains embedded, user-clickable hotspots, allowing navigation between video and other hypermedia elements. Hotspots appear for the viewer during play, and allow the viewer to explore a piece of content while pausing the video in the background.

ThingLink Video service supports the creation of custom rich media apps for video, ability to update tags in tagged videos during campaigns, automatic tag creation from existing content, suppot for 360 degrees video, Youtube and Brightcove integration, as well as integration with company’s own CDN. iPad supports the player natively, iPhone requires its own app for showing the embedded content on video.

At launch, ThingLink for Video is available via invitation only. Educators can sign up for a free early access at