Access your Mac from any place

  Mac users can now host the remote access GoToMyPC  service on either a Mac or a PC.
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 Mac users can now host the remote access GoToMyPC service on either a Mac or a PC, with Citrix Online's newest version of GoToMyPC®, which is purpose-built for the Mac.

For Citrix Online customers, the extension of GoToMyPC to the Mac means universal access to remote machines, whether running Windows or Mac OS.



Voice recognition app for Mac

Nuance Communications, announced the immediate availability of Dragon Express, an introductory voice recognition app for Mac OS X Lion. available from Apple’s Mac App Store.

Reading Mac disks on a PC

Listen to the podcast Question: How can I read Macintosh disks on my PC? The IT Guy says: This has been a problem for decades, but is now getting to be much easier to deal with. The newer versions of the Mac and Windows have become much more friendly when it comes to sharing files, so disks created on