Today's Newsletter: Apple and the Future of Education Technology

Apple’s big iPhone 6 and watch announcement seems to be big news everywhere, but how does it effect education technology? Joshua Kim at Inside Higher Ed drew some insights from the botched keynote broadcast: “So thank you Apple for showing that even the world's best technology people can (and will) have bad days. Thank you Apple, for taking the risk of live streaming your big event, and then failing spectacularly. Thank you Apple for making us campus technology people look pretty good in comparison.” Yara al-Wazir in Al Arabiya News sees iPhone upgrades as revolutionary for students in the Middle East: “One of the key features of the iPhone 6 is battery life – an extended battery life of up to 24 hours means that even in remote areas where electricity is periodically disconnected, students can keep learning, not just scour their social media apps. The large storage space on these new devices means that thousands of books and interactive games can be preloaded onto the devices. A single device can be shared in a family, and passed down with siblings.” As a longtime Apple fanboy, I will admit to coveting the latest and greatest iPhone. The watch? I predict another spectacular failure. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director