Klein ISD Education Foundation Donates Mobile Classroom to District

Klein ISD has implemented the STEAM Express mobile classroom.

Donated by the Klein ISD Education Foundation to the district for the students of the Klein ISD, the STEAM Express mobile classroom is set to start visiting campuses in December.

“Students will learn like a scientist in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math,” said Cindy Doyle, Education Foundation director. “Students will gather data in real time and do field investigations while learning how each subject is utilized in real world applications.”

When students enter the STEAM Express mobile classroom, they will be greeted with colorful, area-specific graphics designed to aid in the teaching of STEAM-related topics. The STEAM Express also features learning stations equipped with touch-screen computers dedicated to Architecture, Geology, Engineering, Robotics, Health, Meteorology, and Space Exploration.

The STEAM Express is a 48-foot-long custom-built enclosed trailer with 40 feet of classroom space. It includes a wheelchair lift, a dropdown stage with a 19-foot awning and a 20-kilowatt diesel generator to power the air conditioning system and computer displays.