Today's Newsletter: President Obama's Ambitious Education Policy Goals

T&L Advisor Guest post — Steven M. Baule, Ed.D, Ph.D. Superintendent of North Boone CUSD 200, IL: President Obama brought up several education-related items in last night’s State of the Union Address worth looking into further. First, the president spoke to the fact that 34 states have increased preschool programming and that two of three new jobs will require some higher education—thus, the need for free education through grade 14 as well as a free and open Internet for all classrooms. The allusion of community colleges as the “secret sauce” of the middle class might be a bit of a stretch, but it does support the President’s desire for free education for all through grade 14.

The call for better cybersecurity may also impact schools and how we manage student data. Forbes’s summary of the SOTU is one of the shortest. The individuals invited by the President and First Lady are profiled in this article by The Guardian Today. President Obama’s interview with VideoBloggers also may also be sending a message to school districts about the need to better embrace social media. Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, outlined several key focal points for educational policy in a speech last week regarding ESEA reauthorization which include retaining testing and accountability planks. On Twitter, @USEDGOV showcased the key education points brought forward in the address. Today Show’s State of the Union myth summary by Chuck Todd might also be worth sharing with students. Information from the White House itself is available at

Steve Baule served as a technology director, high school principal, and superintendent for 20+ years in K-12 education. He is currently the director of Winona State University’s online educational doctorate program in Minnesota.