AV tools released this month

New affordable presentation tools, projectors, broadcast equipment and more.

Papershow is an affordable new interactive presentation tool and digital whiteboard (a starter kit costs $199). Teachers can annotate their PowerPoint presentations during class, or capture ideas derived from their students on the digital whiteboard. Using a Bluetooth pen, USB key and interactive paper, Papershow allows teachers to project handwritten notes from a pad of paper to an overhead screen. Teachers can edit presentations, write notes, draw helpful diagrams and host brainstorming sessions all in real time.

The TriCaster Upgrade 2.5 now includes a software update to its TriCaster BROADCAST, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster PRO, and TriCaster portable live production systems. This upgrade adds the ability to record all video in the MPEG-2 Studio Profile, capturing with full 4:2:2 color sampling, which is important when recording chroma key footage. In addition, enhancements to the real-time MPEG2 encoding technology yield significant improvements in quality with a lower compression rate for broadcast quality video recording.

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. has added six new 4:3 and 16:9 format Video View wall-mounted projection screens. The new 4:3 TV-Shape Video View models are calibrated to the standard TV size so viewers see an image that looks correct, whether they’re in a classroom or a conference room. The new screens have a 1.0 gain for the best all-around viewing surface.

Dukane Audio Visual released it Convey Solutions software that enables schools to gather and analyze data on student progress as well as control all their audio-visual resources from a central location. The Convey product group includes the Convey AClick student response system and Convey Enterprise 4.3 software that allows schools to aggregate data and let teachers share formative and summative assessment curriculum to meet learning standards.

The Hitachi CP-A52 3LCD projector offers ultrashort throw capability, easy maintenance, and the ability to project an 80-inch image from a 25- inch distance. This means that teachers no longer have to worry about obstructing the
projected image by standing in front of the screen. Additionally, there are no shadows to interfere with the image or any light in the presenter’s face. The CP-A52 also has a hybrid filter that requires maintenance only every 2,000 hours. The projector’s saving mode reduces power consumption to less than 5W by disabling RS-232C control except for power-on command, monitorout, and audio capability.