Global Oneness Project Launches Free Multimedia Platform for Educators

The Global Oneness Project, an online multimedia platform, has launched a new multimedia educational initiative featuring digital stories with accompanying lesson plans. Aimed at K-12, college, and educational technology institutions, all materials are being offered for free, and are aligned to National and Common Core standards.

The lesson plans facilitate critical thinking, reflective writing, and in-class activities designed for use in the arts, environmental sciences, English, history courses, and more.

Featured stories and lessons include:

·Yukon Kings – A short documentary, which exhibited at the Smithsonian, follows a Yup’ik fisherman in Alaska whose way of life is threatened by environmental and cultural forces.

·Mongolia's Nomads – Photographer Taylor Weidman captures the present-day life of Mongolian pastoral herders. The lesson plan explores the concept of cultural sustainability.

·Vanishing Island Lesson – This documentary, which premiered on The New York Times Op-Docs, explores the changes taking place on a tiny island deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana.

·Marie’s Dictionary – Featured on National Geographic, this film tells the story of Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of the Wukchumni language, and a dictionary she created to keep her language alive.

Each month, Global Oneness Project will release a free, new digital story with an accompanying 60-minute lesson plan. To learn more, visit