Today's Newsletter: Who Gets and Loses Big Edtech Bucks

Summertime means budget time for many school districts, which can mean good news or bad news for edtech plans. Florida schools are still waiting on a verdict, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Seems that the legislation language has left lawmakers scrambling to clarify the whats and whens of the funding. More than $60 million is at stake. The North Allegheny School District in Pennsylvania approved a $143.6 million budget for 2015-16 that includes provisions for laptops, iPads and other gear. Sixth-, ninth- and 10th-graders will receive electronic devices in the program's first year. Not so pleasant are the cuts faced by Ohio School according to this piece at Cuyahoga County school districts alone are due to lose an estimated $32.9 million in 2016-17. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director