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Funds For Learning Trends Report Reveals Demand for Reliable Internet

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The Federal Communications Commission soon will evaluate funding regulations for broadband internet in schools and libraries to consider how connectivity demands align with program utility and efficiency.

In order to provide direct feedback to the FCC and understand how E-rate funding can best serve applicants, Funds For Learning releases its annual E-Rate Trends Report. Applicant survey results reveal that schools and libraries remain reliant on E-rate funding to provide and sustain broadband connectivity.

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Key 2018 survey findings include:

  • E-rate is fulfilling its mission. 88 percent of applicants agree that E-rate funding is vital to their internet connectivity. More students and library patrons are online – and have faster connections – because of E-rate support.
  • Wi-Fi demand is surging. 51 percent of networks will need upgrades within three years. 88 percent of schools favor a simplified approach that gives them flexibility to choose which campuses receive Wi-Fi support.
  • Schools and libraries need dependable internet. 74 percent of applicants want the FCC to allow support for backup internet connections. Only 13 percent of applicants reported that they can presently afford backup internet.

This year, approximately 1,025 applicants completed the E-rate applicant survey, representing about five percent of all school and library applicants nationwide. The report will aid and inform key policymakers and administrative members in refreshing the vitality of the program.

Visit to download the complete 2018 Trends Report.



Funds For Learning Trend Report Provides Snapshot of E-rate Program promo image

Funds For Learning Trend Report Provides Snapshot of E-rate Program

Twenty years after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 created E-rate funding, significant measures are underway to update the program that has become vital to schools and libraries across the United States. In an effort to aid policymakers, administrators and other E-rate stakeholders as they shape the future of the program, Funds For Learning releases its 2016 E-rate Trends Report. 

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