Engaging Students in Video Production and Movie Making in the Classroom

Engaging Students in Video Production and Movie Making in the Classroom

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009 | 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

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Visual, interactive learning gets results. Students today have become accustomed to using technology in every facet of their lives and this drastic lifestyle change has affected the way students learn. Today’s students know how to use digital tools to get information, solve problems and communicate. Discover how you can empower greater learning and collaboration for your school and learn how to deliver engaging and stimulating whole-class teaching across the curriculum with interactive digital solutions.

• Technology can decrease absenteeism, lower dropout rates, and motivate more students to continue on to college
• Students who use interactive digital solutions were found to score significantly higher in standardized tests
• This technology fosters a collaborative learning environment that encourages interaction and cooperation among students, teachers, and experts regardless of their location

In Education, ‘interactivity’ is the catalyst that can transform the traditional classroom setting into an active media environment. Interactivity by using video production in the classroom engages and inspires students. Research shows that interactive content helps students stay on task for a longer period, and can inspire students to continue learning after the lesson, which is ideal for encouraging effective questioning and group discussion.

This webinar will detail how to integrate video production and moving making into your curriculum, and what tools are needed. Whole class cross curriculum examples will be discussed and best case examples shown. See, Hear and experience how video in the classroom can enhance learning.

No matter the size, or budget, your school can also take advantage of the current stimulus to fund these technologies. Learn which funds can be used for the technologies discussed and how to apply for them.

After participating in this webinar you will have the necessary knowledge to create a cost effective interactive digital video solution for your school.