ESL Blues

Name: ESL Blues Brief Description of the Site: This site has fairly difficult exercises intended for "pre-intermediate to high-intermediate" level learners who have a fairly high reading level. One nice feature is the animated tutorials, such as how to form a question by reversing noun and verb (toys are expensive

Blue Sky

This activity provides instructions for using a flashlight and aquarium (or other container of water) to explain why the sky is blue and sunsets are red. When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, blue light scatters more than the other colors,

Blue Web'N

Name: Blue Web’N Brief Description of the Site: This site, sponsored by SBC-Pacbell, is an incredibly useful and easy-to-use reference tool listing 1800 education-related Web sites, and the entire database is searchable by not only Subject and Grade level but also by what the designer calls Format, which