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BAM! Body and Mind: Ad Decoder

BAM! Body and Mind: Ad Decoder This interactive site helps students notice the tricks that advertisers use to try to persuade them to buy their products. The points made should spark some lively class discussions. Center for Disease Control and Prevention • Pictures and/or


Program Overview  8 15am 9 30amWelcome and Opening KeynoteTelling the New StoryDavid WarlickRetooling our classrooms into learning spaces that effectively prepare children for a future of infinite opportunity will require a new story about teaching and learning – a story

Story of the Universe(2)

This engaging site by the European Space Agency reviews the history of European space science from 1066 to present day. The birth of galaxies, the Big Bang, and the beginnings of life on Earth are all discussed. Click back to

The Space Place: Spacey Things to Make

Name: The Space Place: Spacey Things to Make Brief Description of the Site: This is definitely a NASA year and there is a plethora of space sites within the NASA labyrinth of online resources. This site is particularly inviting to children with its focus on "hands on" activities. Puzzles, robots, a Star Finder,

Earth From Space(2)

Earth From Space View hundreds of amazing images of Earth from space. This site provides images of geographic regions, landscapes, cities, habitats, distinctive features, and much more. These easy to access images are of amazing quality. NASA JSC Digital Image Collection •

Animated Guide: International Space Station

Animated Guide: International Space Station This animated look at the International Space Station lets you pick it apart and learn more about each section. Information on how it was built and what countries added various pieces is also included. Additional links are available for further