8:15am - 9:30am

Welcome and Opening Keynote

Telling the New Story

David Warlick
Retooling our classrooms into learning spaces that effectively prepare children for a future of infinite opportunity will require a new story about teaching and learning – a story so compelling that we forget about our childhood classroom experiences, from decades ago. Join 30-year educator, David Warlick, as he maps out a story that addresses the market place, resonates with deeply held values and points to learning practices that prepare students to become inventive and resourceful life-long-learners, ready to harness their unpredictable future.

David Warlick

9:45am - 11:00am

Breakout Sessions

Planned topics include:

Technology, Planning and School Improvement

Susan McLester (moderator); Don Hall and Barbara Grohe; Linda Clark; Mary Jean Sandall
Does your district technology plan just talk about supporting student achievement or is it actually happening? District leaders share success stories and advice about the role technology can — and should — play in a systemic approach to school improvement.

Don Hall and Barbara Grohe

Linda Clark

Mary Jean Sandall

New Technologies that are Changing Education

Gwen Solomon (moderator); Conn McQuinn, Tim Lauer, David Warlick
Listen and watch as a panel of ed tech gurus shares online tools and cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to change the way teachers teach, students learn and schools operate.

Podcast: New Technologies that are Changing Education

Conn McQuinn

Tim Lauer

David Warlick

Technology-Supported Professional Development

Susan Brooks-Young (moderator); Barbara Bray, Cindy Agnew, Bob Choquette
What's working when it comes to technology-related and technology-supported professional development? Come hear from several experts.

Barbara Bray

Cindy Agnew

Bob Choquette

The Student Perspective: Advice for Digital Immigrants

Judy Salpeter (moderator); Scott LeDuc and students from Capital High School, Jeff Waddington and students from Olympia High School, Danielle Pfeiffer and students from the Kent School District Technology Academy at Mill Creek Middle School

Join us as students and teachers offer their perspective on K-12 technology experiences that have been inspiring, educational and life-changing.

Scott LeDuc

Danielle Pfeiffer

11:15am - 12:15pm

Industry Spotlights

Hear from the companies that are sponsoring this event and shaping the future of educational technology.

1:15pm - 2:00pm

Roundtable Discussions

These discussions, on topics suggested by attendees when you register, provide a great opportunity for you to network with fellow technology leaders.

Tina Ruppelt

Karen Eichler

Dennis Small

James Smith

2:10pm - 3:40pm


These workshops allow our attendees to explore key topics in greater depth.

Cyber Quicksand: "Appropriate Use" Challenges for Technology Leaders

Randy Orwin, Susan Brooks-Young
Do graphic images of executions, bombings and other disturbing events have a place in the classroom? What role can and should schools play in preventing cyberbullying or risky behaviors by students online? These are the sorts of questions that will be addressed in this participatory workshop, based on real-life scenarios.

New Horizons of Web 2.0

David Warlick
You use an aggregator, and you've gotten past MySpace. So what are some of the finer points of Web 2.0? This engaging workshop will push you to explore new options when it comes to blogging, dynamic content, mash-ups and the read/write Web.

Technology to Support Student Achievement

Eva LaMar, Danielle Pfeiffer
What we know about student learning and how can technology help? Based on Marzano's research, workshop participants will explore examples of technology use that tie in with proven methods for improving student achievement.

Learning from Digital Video

Sara Armstrong, Howard Levin
Students love it and the results are powerful, but is video production worth the time it requires? Using student-created historical videos as examples, this workshop explores the learning that takes place when students research, produce and share meaningful digital video projects.

Sara Armstrong

Howard Levin

3:40pm - 4:30pm

Sponsor-Hosted Reception