Here is a recap of the day's sessions and events, complete with handouts and resources provided by many of the speakers.

Opening Keynote:

From Closet to Classroom: A Brief History of What Makes It into the Future

Hall Davidson
What are some of the factors that determine whether today's breakthrough technologies will end up in tomorrow's run-of-the-mill classroom or the trash heap? Hall Davidson's irreverent keynote raises some challenging questions to apply throughout the day as we explore emerging technologies and trends that might, just might, transform learning and schooling in the years to come.

Breakout sessions

#1: High Bandwidth: Who Needs It?

Judy Salpeter (moderator), Mike Hall, Monica Beglau
As we look ahead a few short years to a time when television-style broadcasts, teleconferencing and telecommunications exchanges all occur over the same high-bandwidth pipeline, what will the "killer apps" look like? Will students learn better as a result? Come see examples of exciting ways schools are using today's cutting-edge technology-and look ahead to what might happen when it's all widespread.

#2: Desktop Multimedia Breakthroughs

Hall Davidson
Multimedia guru Hall Davidson takes us on an entertaining, whirlwind tour of hot tools, cool techniques and what is becoming possible in the world of do-it-yourself digital multimedia.

#3: Yes, But How Do We Pay For It?

Susan McLester (moderator), Steven M. Baule, Robert Nelson
Two district-level technology administrators offer advice on technology budgeting and planning in financially-strapped times. How do you build technology capacity and tap into powerful digital tools to support learning without breaking the bank? What funding sources and cost-cutting approaches are available to help?

#4: TECH FORUM EXCHANGE: Creating Virtual Workspaces

Facilitators: Kim Carter, David Jakes
This interactive session is for technology leaders who are already immersed in designing and improving Web environments for learning and community-building. Come share what you are doing, offer feedback to others, and discuss next steps for building effective online communities and learning environments for students, families and educators.

Industry Spotlights

Computing Today and Tomorrow

Intel: Learn about the Intel Model School Program, which provides grants and equipment to U.S. schools, and explore how a Managed Learning system creates an interoperable environment with curriculum resources that map to every state standard.

Epson: Find out about Epson's wireless projection and printing solutions for education -- including a PC-free multimedia projector that displays images on up to four screens and a wireless Epson Stylus printer.

Gateway: John Cowie will discuss the ways in which education has moved from the '3 Rs' to the '3 As' and highlight key new products including Tablet PCs, mobility and wireless solutions, and new digital display technology.

New Tools for Online Schools

Surf Control: This spring, SurfControl will release a product to help enterprises manage Instant Messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing. Frank Sabaj will discuss the risks involved in IM and P2P file sharing and show how this new tool can alleviate strain on networks and protect against legal liability and security risks.

netTrekker: Discover how you can easily integrate your state's academic standards and online resources into the curriculum with netTrekker -- the search engine designed especially for schools. netTrekker provides access to more than 180,000 pre-screened K-12 resources as well as lesson plans and learning exercises that align with each state's standards. provides teachers and students with easy-to- use Web sites and protected email accounts -- for free and without advertising. Learn how students can use this tool to publish their schoolwork and collaborate online with other students within the password-protected community.

Curriculum Trends and Offerings

Apex Learning: As a leading provider of online instruction for high schools across the country, Apex offers a unique vantage point on the realities of - and potential for -- online learning. Learn about their ClassTools offerings for advanced placement and foreign language instruction, as well as tools for assessment and customized instruction.

PLATO Learning: What happens when you combine insights from current research on the teaching of reading and math with cutting-edge 3D animation, voice recognition and web-based technologies? Dr. Rob Foshay will show you in this introduction to PLATO's newest programs for beginning readers and secondary students.

United Learning: Come see the newest way to use video in the classroom- United Learning's unitedstreaming product. Unitedstreaming is a scientifically- evaluated, Web-based delivery system that provides access to an enormous library of K-12 standards-based digital video.

General Session

Tomorrow's Breakthroughs, Tomorrow's Schools

David Warlick
Insightful keynoter David Warlick picks up where Hall Davidson left off, taking us on a tour of technologies that are just over the horizon. No matter how tight the budgets get, no matter how resistant communities are to change, some amazing new technologies are headed your way. Which ones will see widespread acceptance? And how might they be applied to teaching and learning?

Breakout sessions

#5: Virtual Learning Today and Tomorrow

David Jakes (moderator), Bruce Friend
A virtual schools veteran takes us on a tour of some of today's most innovative online schools and classes. What virtual learning environments are breaking new ground pedagogically as well as technologically? And what might the next generation of virtual classes look like?

#6: Professional Development in the Digital Age

Judy Salpeter (moderator), Kim Carter, Monica Beglau
From building collegial communities online to using video to show exemplary teachers at work, emerging technology has the potential to transform professional development. Come learn about promising practices and powerful tools aimed at connecting educators for professional collaboration and growth.

#7: Cutting the Cord: Deciding When, Whether and How to Go Wireless

Gwen Solomon (moderator), Mike Hall, Wallace Reeves
This session focuses on two key aspects of wireless networking for schools. We'll learn how one forward-looking school is using mobile labs and handhelds for instructional and administrative purposes. Then we will look at the technological aspects of going wireless--including logistical challenges, costs, security issues and more. Learn about the do's and don'ts of wireless from two educators with extensive experience in the field.

#8: TECH FORUM EXCHANGE: Networking About the Network

Douglas Jenkins (facilitator)
Are you a techie? Do you spend part of every day worrying about network security, Internet filtering, and infrastructure issues? Are you one of the people others turn to when it's time to decide whether to go with copper or fiber or a wireless network? Come talk with others who are in the same boat. What decisions have you made and what dilemmas do you face? Hear how your solutions compare to those of your colleagues in other communities.