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Atomic Learning provides web-based software training and support. Do you need to know how to produce an outline in Word, create a web page using Dreamweaver, or use transitions in PowerPoint? Atomic Learning has the answers! Atomic Learning uses a web-based show-and-tell approach to answer the common questions people have when learning software: just-in-time, just-enough. Atomic Learning's library of 14,000 tutorials covering over 80 different software applications works great as an integral part of a professional development program or as a curriculum supplement with students. It's like having a technology specialist in every classroom.

CompassLearning's innovative educational software solutions support differentiated instruction, formative assessment, and targeted intervention. CompassLearning Odyssey is not only aligned to state and national curriculum standards, it also reflects current and confirmed research about how students engage, think, and learn. Interactive curriculum promotes exploration, cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection, and making real-world connections — all while stimulating a child's imagination. Powerful assessment tools measure progress and prescribe individualized learning paths based on each student's needs. Sophisticated management and reporting solutions tie it all together to help teachers and administrators monitor student progress and make immediate instructional adjustments to ensure success.

The Only fully-integrated Network Security Solution for Schools:
Built specifically for securing K-12 networks and protecting millions of students nationwide, Total Traffic Control gives you a single admin console to see everything running on your network and control any detected issues. Monitor and report network and user activity, let end users manage spam, manage Internet access for various groups, limit or block P2P and instant messaging, secure the gateway and desktops from known/unknown threats, and manage your bandwidth — all from a single interface.

Founded in 1926 to help the teacher help the child, we are leaders in providing high quality assessment products and services that help learners of all ages. Working in partnership with our customers, we create innovative, successful solutions that play a vital role in teaching and learning.

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netTrekker — powered by Thinkronize
netTrekker is the award-winning academic search engine created by educators expressly for students, teachers and librarians. netTrekker delivers only the best educational resources from the entire Internet in an organized, safe, standards-aligned format to every desktop.

Qwizdom, Inc is a leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative, technology-based learning products and related proprietary content. Dedicated to making learning effective and engaging, Qwizdom products are designed for all age groups, in schools and corporations.

Qwizdom offers the most advanced radio-frequency classroom response technology (patents pending), a software learning system, and over 150 interactive titles that encompass over 200,000 slides of exclusive, school-only curriculum content. These interactive products are used in thousands of classrooms and corporations around the world. Qwizdom was founded in 1984 and has offices in Washington State and the United Kingdom.

Every day, tens of thousands of teachers around the world trust SMART's products to create an engaging learning environment. Whether in the kindergarten classroom or the university lecture hall, SMART is there. SMART products have been proven effective in increasing student engagement, motivation and learning, and in helping educators streamline lesson preparation.

SMART Technologies is both the industry pioneer and global market leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. SMART products include the family of award-winning SMART Board interactive whiteboards, as well as interactive pen displays and software. Visit www.smarttech.com for more information.

Silver Level Sponsors

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of digital multimedia technology products for the education, government and consumer electronics markets. Focusing on digital video technology, AVerMedia features high-quality and user friendly presentation products for K-12 and Higher Education classrooms. The AVerVision brand of document cameras and visual presenters is specifically designed for digital presentations in the classroom, with offerings ranging from basic entry-level products to advanced visual presentation solutions. Easy-to-use, yet offering extensive and exclusive features and functions with the ability to integrate into the latest classroom technologies, AVerVision Document Cameras and Visual Presenters are a true teachers tool.

The Nova5000 from Fourier Systems, is the first wireless computing device tailored to the needs of students. It incorporates the features educators need within a cost structure appropriate for schools. Its larger screen offers the educational effectiveness of a traditional laptop while also offering low total cost of ownership of a handheld device. It offers unique advantages such as "instant-on" capability to maximize classroom time and a touch screen with proven classroom value. A built in data logger, bundled data acquisition and analysis software, and a graphing calculator provide functionality not found in any comparable product line.

Luidia provides its award-winning Idea Capturing Technology™ to industry leaders such as 3M, ACCO, Hitachi, NEC, edding Lega, and Uchida, who incorporate the technology into compelling new interactive presentation and display products. Luidia also produces eBeam® portable interactive display solutions that work with existing writing surfaces to capture meeting notes as they are created and, in conjunction with digital projection, can turn traditional whiteboards into interactive ones.

Formerly a division of Electronics for Imaging (NASDQ: EFII), the world's foremost maker of imaging solutions for network printing, Luidia was incorporated in July 2003.

The eBeam hardware works with a projector to turn any flat surface into a giant virtual touch screen. The eBeam stylus acts as a mouse, while the eBeam software captures your notes and drawings and lets you share them with anyone over the Net in real time. Teachers and presenters can control any mouse or keyboard function from the front of the room while actively engaging the audience. A PowerPoint specific tool palette gives users the flexibility of annotating slide shows on the fly and saving the mark-ups back to the original file. The software enables presenters, consultants and educators to collaborate via the Internet, making remote meetings and teamwork not only possible, but much more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.

Pokémon Learning League is an award winning online series of standards-driven, interactive animated lessons for grades 2-6. The series leverages sound educational practices and Pokémon's popularity with children to help teach Science, Math, Language Arts and Life Skills topics in a uniquely appealing manner. Comprised of a narrative tutorial (Watch), guided practice (Try) and an interactive challenge (Apply); each lesson delivers a supportive and scaffolded learning environment for students. The resources in the For Teachers section provide background information on the Pokémon Learning League episodes and aim to help teachers easily integrate the episodes into their classroom lessons.

For more information, visit www.prometheanworld.com.

SAFARI Montage is revolutionizing teaching in today's classrooms. SAFARI Montage is the premier Video-On-Demand solution for schools, districts and Regional Media Centers — providing superior video content and innovative digital delivery to both individual school buildings and across large school districts. SAFARI Montage does not rely on the use of a school's public Internet connection, making it a more efficient alternative to internal streaming. SAFARI Montage WAN Manager is the only wide area network digital media management and Video-On-Demand solution providing maximum flexibility for a district to upload, manage and disseminate all of their digital video from a central location.

Enhance communication between the classroom and the home… TeacherWeb® is the premiere provider of websites for educators. TeacherWeb® was started in 1996 and is in American and Canadian schools as well as American schools internationally.

Utilizing patented technology, TeacherWeb® sites are exceptionally easy to create and maintain for any grade level. WebQuests can also be created through TeacherWeb®.

We are constantly adding new and innovative options to TeacherWeb®. The new integrated school website is our most recent addition. Teachers, students, and parents find TeacherWeb® a very effective communication tool.

See TeacherWeb® in action at www.TeacherWeb.com. Contact us at info@TeacherWeb.com or 203-438-2410.

Troxell Communications has been providing audio visual solutions to the American scholastic market — from pre-schools to institutes of higher learning — for 60 years. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with more than 50 offices conveniently located nationwide, we offer a broad spectrum of products from the most recognizable names in presentation technology. Troxell's wide selection of AV solutions includes TVs, VCRs, camcorders, audio equipment, PA systems, video, data and overhead projectors, AV furniture and accessories, and large data monitors. Whether you're standardizing an entire school campus or just upgrading your conference room technology, Troxell Communications is your partner in audio visual solutions.

Association Partners

NJAET is a group of over 700 educators (teachers, computer coordinators, administrators, consultants, etc.) who are working to promote the use of technology in education. For more information please visit www.njaet.org.

NYSCATE, is a non-profit, professional organization representing more than 2,000 technology using educators and administrators in New York State. NYSCATE, an affiliate ISTE, is composed of passionate and dedicated educators, committed to transforming teaching and learning, in order to provide our children with an education that prepares them to live satisfying and productive lives. For more information please visit www.nyscate.org.