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BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Charter School for Applied Technologies Selects Boxlight’s Interactive Teaching Technologies

Dedicated to making ‘every day career day’, the leadership at the Charter School for Applied Technologies (CSAT) in Buffalo, NY have announced plans to install Boxlight Corporation’s  ProColor 752 interactive flat panel displays in every classroom across three buildings for its 2,365 students.

Installations have begun in the elementary building and high school math classes, with the addition of 60 75” flat panel displays for all classroom including art, music and technology rooms.  Each display panel includes MimioStudio for lesson creation and delivery.  Next fall, the middle school building will be equipped with the state-of-the-art, ultra-high definition LCD displays. The displays’ Touch 360° interactivity also features up to 20 single-touch points or 10 dual-touch for gestures so users can work simultaneously.

CSAT’s Bob Shannon and Alie Kuitems, chief technology officer and technology integration specialist, respectively, began their search for new technology that would provide greater collaboration – an important 21st century workplace skill that stems from CSAT’s commitment to extensive career preparation for all students – beginning in kindergarten.

“We also didn’t want to burden our teachers with something that wasn’t intuitive to use, added Kuitems.  “It had to just hang on the wall, plug-and-play, and start on day one – and that’s what we have with Boxlight’s ProColor technology. Additionally, Shannon and Kuitems noted that the ease with which the MimioStudio™ (opens in new tab) classroom software opens third party content created in programs such as PDF, IWB and PowerPoint – all without the need of a time-consuming conversion process. 

“In the end," Kuitems concluded, “while the features of the display boards captured our attention, it’s what we see in the classrooms that has us excited about our selection of Boxlight technology. “Students are more engaged, even volunteering more to go to the board and show their work and we believe that will result in improved learning outcomes for our students, now and into the future.”