BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: edWeb and CoSN Partner to Support Superintendents and District Leaders

male teacher conferences with other teachers via tablet computer

edWeb is hosting an online community and engaging webinars to help superintendents connect and collaborate and get the maximum value from the CoSN Empowered Superintendents initiative. The initial webinar, “The Empowered Superintendent: Leading Digital Transformation,” is available on demand and features Dr. David Schuler, superintendent of Township High School District 214 (IL), and Dr. Chris Gaines, superintendent of Mehlville (MO) School District, discussing sharing strategies and building confidence as technology leaders. Monthly webinars will tackle topics such as Student Data Privacy: A Priority and Essential Commitment (October 8th) and Cyber Security: A Critical School District Priority (November 12th). Superintendents and district leaders are invited to join the edWeb Community, SuperConnected, for invitations to upcoming programs and to collaborate with peers on these topics.