BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: Washington School District Adds Projectors With OneVision Kids Program

With over 24,000 students, the Vancouver, Washington K-12 School District (opens in new tab) currently has 38 buildings consisting of elementary, middle, high schools and special programs. 

The district is currently planning and constructing ten new buildings, with the first opening in 2019. Steve Bratt, Director for Technology Infrastructure and Operations. has specified the new Hitachi LP-AW4001 ultra-short-throw laser projectors (opens in new tab) for all the new classrooms.

“We were originally planning to switch to flat panels in all the classrooms, but after speaking with teachers we realized how important white board space is and decided on the new Hitachi ultra-short-throw laser projectors instead,” says Bratt. “The new laser projectors are much brighter than previous models, have a long, maintenance-free life without bulbs to replace, and can project straight onto the white board without losing any space.”

As members of Hitachi’s New OneVision Kids program, the Vancouver School District is able to plan and budget for the new projectors with the specialized member pricing.