Describing Words

an array of diverse adjectives

We tend to use the same or similar adjectives when we speak or write. So do our students. 

Here is a great web tool that will help us and our learners find and learn new adjectives while describing nouns. Simply write the noun that you want to find adjectives for and the web tool will come up with a list of adjectives for it. You sort the adjectives by uniqueness or by their usage frequency. Also, when you click on the adjectives, you can learn the definition and some other related words.

While working on adjectives with our students, we can put the students in groups and they can try to come up as many adjectives as they can find in a limited time and then, they can check the web tool for more adjectives. Or we can give our students a text and ask the students to find more adjectives that will describe the nouns in the text. They can rewrite the text with different adjectives that they find using this web tool.  

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