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1 Data, Access, and Innovation (opens in new tab)

A shift from focusing on efficiency to changing pedagogy and other top trends: highlights from SETDA’s Education Forum. 

2 What's New in Google (opens in new tab)

Catch up on everything new in G Suite for Education and discover great ideas and resources. 

3 Helping Others Along – Motivation Theory and the SAMR Model (opens in new tab)

How can we best help colleagues to understand the value of new technology and how it might benefit their students? 

4 How to "ClassSource” a Simple, Meaningful, and USEFUL Review Document (opens in new tab)

Review takes on an inventive twist when students create videos to explain, negotiate, and teach a problem using Google Forms.

5 Reverse Dictionary (opens in new tab)

Can’t think of that word? Finally, a dictionary that allows you to search for words by their definitions.

6 Real or Fake? Factitious is a Breakthrough Tool for Assessing Student Online Literacy (opens in new tab)

Assess your students’ abilities to distinguish between fake and real news with this fun and simple online game. 

7 Cyber Security Resources for Teachers and Students (opens in new tab)

Teach students of all ages about cyber security using these teaching platforms, curricula, websites, and video resources. 

8 Google Science Fair as My Biology Final Exam  (opens in new tab)

Forget the poster boards. Inspire students to turn their thoughts and ideas into a format that addresses a real-world problem. 

9 Safe YouTube  (opens in new tab)

This new Web tool will help you create links and share video clips free of distracting, unrelated, and adult content.

10  Digital Equity: It’s More Than Just Student Access  (opens in new tab)

Learn how educators are looking beneath surface inequities to consider how digital tools can revolutionize learning.