15 Educational Sites and Apps for Preschoolers

educational sites and apps for preschoolers
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As blended learning becomes the norm in education, these educational sites and apps (in alphabetical order) are designed to help preschoolers prepare for school.

ABCmouse - A popular online curriculum for ages 2-8 on subjects such as math, reading, and science.

ABCya - Offers games and mobile apps for learning numbers and letters.

Cookie - Dedicated toward younger learners with a focus on building skills in areas such as math, phonics, and science.

Education City - An online platform for grades PreK-6 featuring educational games, resources, and activities.

Gamequarium - Offers games and printables to build beginning skills in reading and math.

Grandma’s Preschool - An iOS app for learners 3 to 6 years old that has educational games, activities, and videos in a wide range of areas (i.e. counting, shapes, sight words, etc.).

Learning Games for Kids - Features more than 20 preschool activities geared to build mouse and pre-phonics reading skills, plus foster a love of learning.

PBS Kids - Games, videos, and more, featuring popular PBS characters.

Peekapak - A site aimed for PreK-3 curriculum focused on social-emotional learning, with an educational portal that allows teachers to track and monitor student progress.

Peep and the Big Wide World - Designed for young science learners with games, videos, and activities teaching about sounds, animals, physics, and more.

Planet Nutshell - Features animated videos for students of all ages including preschool, focusing on climate science, physics, and math.

Share My Lesson - Offers a wide range of resources and lesson plans for educators of PreK students.

Squiggle Park - An innovative literacy/reading online program for PreK-2 students that focuses on skills such as phonics, word recognition, and spelling.

Super Teacher Worksheets - My favorite site for worksheets, printables, activites, and more, with an abundance of resources for preschool.

Time4Learning - Offers online curricula for Prek-12, with a PreK focus on creativity, early literacy, math foundation, arts, music, and science.

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at dkapuler@gmail.com and read his blog at cyber-kap.blogspot.com.