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20 Sites and Apps for Special Education

sites and apps for special education
(Image credit: Unsplash: NordWood Themes)

Supporting special education students continues to be a priority for educators and parents alike. Fortunately, there is an ever-growing number of sites and apps for special education available. Here, in alphabetical order, are 20 to get you started.

  • K-12 Blueprint - A robust list of resources for families, educators, and parents, including Intel’s Parent Guide to Remote Learning, which offers an excellent section on “Meeting your Child’s Special Education Needs.” 
  • Adventure2Learning - Lots of educational resources and videos that meet the needs of children with different abilities. 
  • Autism Circuit -  A useful site for finding, creating, and explaining choice boards and how visual cues can benefit special education students. 
  • Better Lesson - Another site for using and integrating choice boards in the classroom to help educators assess and differentiate instruction in real-time. 
  • Boardmaker - Create symbol-based communication and visual supports for special education, plus engaging print and interactive materials.
  • Crick Software - Lots of applications and tools to support special ed and those with literacy challenges.   
  • Do2Learn - Hundreds of resources, picture cards, activities, and lesson plans for teachers of students with special needs. 
  • Don Johnston Human Learning Tools - Features popular special ed apps and tools such as CoWriter, Word Bank, and Snap&Read. 
  • Education World - Lesson plans and activities for special education, including for math, science, social studies, and physical education.  
  • EndeavorRX - The world’s first FDA-cleared prescription treatment video game for students with ADHD. 
  • Immersive Reader - A free learning tool from Microsoft that is available for a wide range of products and helps students with reading and writing comprehension. 
  • MetroKids - Numerous activities, resources, advice, and best practices for kids with special needs. 
  • Mindful Schools - Features 10 free mindfulness classes for kids, including activities, mindful movement, and read-alouds. 
  • Otsimo - A site and app featuring an online gamified and personalized curriculum for special ed. 
  • SEN Teacher - Create, download, or share free resources, worksheets, printables, and other items. 
  • Sped Sheets - One of my favorite sites for special ed worksheets and resources using techniques such as direct instruction, chunking, and graphic organizers.  
  • Speech Journal - An iPad app that lets students record their voice with an image(s) to create a digital story, which helps educators to create engaging speaking activities and customize learning experiences. 
  • SymbolSupport - An iPad app that adds symbols to text with automated voice support to help students with literacy and comprehension. 
  • Voice Dream - A suite of apps (Reader, Writer, Scanner) that is ideal for special ed with text-to-speech conversion, “focused reading mode,” and more. 
  • Wide Open School - Resources and lesson plans for special ed, social-emotional learning (SEL), digital citizenship, and more. 

David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment. For more information about his work, contact him at and read his blog at