What is GoSoapBox and How Does It Work? Best Tips and Tricks

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GoSoapBox is a website that offers a version of the classroom that is purely digital and allows students to have their say. From polls and quizzes to questions and opinions -- there is plenty that can be added to this platform for use inside and beyond the classroom.

This online app platform creates a way for all students to be heard, shy or not, using their devices to have their say. This can mean live use in class or for longer term feedback from the group to help steer future learning.

The idea is to make digitizing the classroom simple and, as such, this GoSoapBox works across a host of devices and is intuitive to use. It can also be tailored to suit the individual needs of teachers.

So could GoSoapBox be right for your classroom?

What is GoSoapBox?

GoSoapBox is a website-based online digital space in which students can be given the opportunity to have their say in and about their classroom and its various groups, subjects, plans, and more.


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Imagine asking the class to vote on something quite specific. A show of hands does the job, if you don't mind counting. But going digital with voting can mean adding a layer of privacy to students, easier counting of results, instant feedback, and the ability to post follow-up questions to explore further. And that's just part of what this system offers.

Described by its creators as a "flexible classroom response system," this covers a wide array of interactive methods from messaging and quizzing to polling and media sharing. As such, it should have enough features to let you play and get creative in the way that best serves your class, but is also simplified enough to be easy to use for everyone.

How does GoSoapBox work?

Teachers are easily able to get started by creating events that can then be shared with the classroom. This can be done using an access code that can be sent as needed, over email, in messaging, verbally, direct to devices, using a class content system, and so on. 


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Once they join, students remain anonymous to the rest of the class. It is possible for teachers to require student names yet even then it's possible for only the teacher to see who is saying what while the other students only see the overall votes, for example. 

When the virtual space is populated, teachers can create and share quizzes and polls very intuitively. Input questions in fields created with an icon press, until you're happy with the layout. You can then share this with the class so that answers can be selected or completed as needed. 

Results are then instant, which is ideal in the poll as voting percentages are shown on screen, live. This is also seen by students so they can see how the class is voting -- but with the knowledge it's private so they can vote either way and not feel a push to go with the group.

What are the best GoSoapBox features?

The Confusion Barometer is a great tool that is a fantastic way for students to share, with a button press, that they aren't following something completely. This can enable a teacher to stop and enquire about what's confusing -- either in the room or using the Q&A section -- ensuring that nobody gets left behind on the learning journey.


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The use of multiple choice quizzes is helpful as the feedback is instant for students, allowing them to see if they were right or wrong, and to see the correct answer so they can learn as they go. 

The Discussions tool is another nice feature that allows students to comment on a post. This can be done anonymously if the teacher has it set that way, providing a great way to hear the opinions of the entire class, even those otherwise a little more quiet. 

The Moderation Panel is a helpful hub for teachers that allows them access to all comments and the like to control how students interact with the system. It is helpful with day-to-day management and a useful way to remove any unwanted comments, for example.

How much does GoSoapBox cost?

GoSoapBox is free to use for K-12 and university educators presuming the class size is 30 or fewer. 

Go over that size and you'll need to pay with the 75 student class deal charged at $99. Or if you have an even larger class, than you'll need to pay for the 150 student deal at $179.

GoSoapBox best tips and tricks

Poll early
Use the quick poll feature to see what areas students want to cover, or are struggling with, at the start or end of class so you can plan lessons accordingly.

Leave Q&A open
While the Q&A can be distracting, it pays to leave it open so students can leave comments or thoughts during the lesson, so you have points to work on in future.

Create accounts
Have students create accounts so that their data is stored, allowing you to better gauge progress over time and get the most out of this platform.

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