June 2011 Table of Contents

June 2011 Table of Contents



SCHOOL CIO: Heads in the Cloud
For years schools have been using software as a service in one area or another. So where does cloud computing come in? The schools and districts in this article have already turned to the cloud. SchoolCIO asks how it’s worked for them.
By Ellen Ullman, SchoolCIO Editor

Tech & Learning presents a year-long program with three special sections, all showcasing the power of technology to transform learning. This month, meet the 10 most influential people in edtech for 2011 as selected by our readers and advisors.
By Sascha Zuger

Grants calendar 2011-12

Brush Up Your AUP

Back-office business: How Schools GET IT DONE


Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive.
Toon Boom Studio
Bento 4 for Macintosh

The Long Review
T&L editors followed the stakeholders at Village Charter School as they implemented Pearson’s SuccessMaker software on a 40-seat Dell PC desktop network. Read the executive summary.

Photo Ops: 10 Innovative Ways to Use Visual Media
If you’re lucky enough to have digital cameras at your disposal, here are a few picture-perfect ways to use them.

June 2011 What’s New
Canon LV-series • DataLink 3.0 • eGenio Learning Environment • Epson PowerLite • HM Algebra app • HP Z workstation • Sketchpad 5 • NetSupport Assist • igotta workspace solution • PowerVocab: Lite app • and more


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News & Trends
• Next Big Thing: Cisco Show and Share
• Top 10 Web stories
• Top Tweets
• Blog Bits
• Girls are missing out on tech
• How can you keep your Gen Y teachers?
• Literacy grant
• What keeps your administrator up at night?
• Blended learning on the rise
• Career and technical education
• A–Z Web tools
• Web plagiarism study
• Study confirms hearing concerns

How It’s Done: A STEM Experiment Proves Success
Sascha Zuger profiles Tech Valley High in Albany, a regional public high school with a STEM focus that is open to students in 47 districts.

They Said It: It’s Not Just a Tool

• Bring Learning to Life at ISTE
• eInstruction CPS™ Student Response Systems Engages Students to Help Raise Math Scores