March 2014

March 2014



There’s a Badge For That
By Richard Ferdig and Kristine E. Pytash
Digital badges have captured the imagination of many educators because they have proven to be an important way to demonstrate a shared understanding of accomplished outcomes.

School CIO: Who’s Afraid of Big Data?
By Dr. Steven Rubenstein
Big data is overwhelming, but it can also furnish important information about individual students, schools, and districts. Here is how one district created a school system and culture to embrace data as a partner in learning.

School CIO: Back Office Business

Tech Tools for Assessing the “Soft” Skills
By Cathy Swan
Should schools teach “soft” skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking? Most colleges and workplaces believe the answer is yes. This article provides a variety of examples of tech tools that can help you teach and assess these skills.


Put to the Test: T&L Editors take some new products for a test drive.
Digital Passport: Classroom Edition
LEGO StoryStarter Curriculum Pack
HotSeat’s Edustation flight simulator
Adobe Creative Cloud

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