Collaboration Streams Forward With BYOD

Collaboration Streams Forward With BYOD

Collaboration tools have transformed classrooms from one-way “push” teaching settings into active environments that encourage students to engage with teachers and classmates in learning.

The new frontier for collaboration solutions in the classroom is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, and it’s already affecting classrooms across the continent. Schools are providing more and more digital access to students—and in some cases, allowing students to bring their own devices—enabling ideas to flow more freely in the classroom.

This latest evolution in the digital classroom can benefit classroom productivity by allowing digital-native students to communicate in ways that are natural to them, and which replicate their digital environments outside the classroom. Sharing content directly from one device to another is also incredibly convenient.

Productivity and convenience

Achieving a true BYOD environment, however, can present challenges for a school district’s IT managers. With a market full of competing devices, platforms and protocols, a process that should be seamless can clunk along with all the efficiency and convenience of a 28k modem.

LightCast Technology from InFocus—embedded in select interactive displays and projectors—enables students and teachers to share content wirelessly. Instead of transferring documents via cumbersome flash drives or via email, adding extra steps in the process, instant screen sharing lets students and teachers have a more seamless flow of information in the classroom.

LightCast Technology also includes a digital whiteboard, a built-in web browser, and a document viewer with annotation.

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