The latest releases of classroom projectors for the k-12 market

Casio Ultra Short Throw Projector


This long-life (approx. 18 school years) lamp-free projector includes light sensors to auto-adjust to the room and brightly displays 3,500 lumens on 50” to 110” screen or wall space. It takes seconds to fire up and can be controlled by phone or mobile device via wireless adapter.

LG Minibeam LED Projector


This lightweight pocket projector offers a number of ports for flexibility and includes Bluetooth connectivity. It features a rechargeable internal battery for use anywhere and has a built-in TV tuner, which can be useful for educators who want the ability to share live NASA, Olympic Game or other televised events with their class.

Optoma Projector


Equipped with a 10-watt speaker and TouchBEAM interactive touch tech, this projector includes a PC-free USB media player to support video, audio, image, and presentation files from any USB device. Compatibility with both Windows and OS X offers flexibility, while laser phosphor tech offers 3,200 lumens displaying a 115” field from a distance of just 19”.

Dell Advanced Laser Projector


This 3D compatible laser projector turns on instantly, allows for USB drive plug-in as well as offering 7GB storage to upload favorite teaching files directly into projector. Connect with a network cable and use app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

InFocus Projector


This affordable projector with 3,500 lumens offers easy video and digital content sharing and can connect to internal networks and sync with Crestron or AMX systems. It displays content from HDMI, USB, or 2 GB of internal memory, as well as 3D content from Blu-ray or PC. Students can share their documents, videos, audio, and photos, by casting wirelessly from a mobile or personal device.