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A great idea, explored

 A partnership has been formed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the education company Pearson.
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A partnership has been formed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the education company Pearson. Through "The Idea of America," a new interactive, digital, Web-based curriculum, students will learn lessons from history and the principles of American citizenship by exploring 65 case studies of the nation's most important events, debating issues that changed America, listening to the perspectives of contemporary historians and accessing primary source documents.

Four pairs of contrasting American values - unity vs. diversity, private wealth vs. common wealth, law vs. ethics, and freedom vs. equality - are presented to guide the discussion of each case study, with every case study linking to a current event Web site where students can examine the issues in the context of the current political debate.

To learn more visit www.pearsonschool.com/IdeaofAmerica or follow "Colonial Williamsburg's The Idea of America" on Facebook.



Finding Funding: A Dozen Daring Ideas

As state coffers continue to shrink this year, there is less money for education and much of what is available is earmarked for mandates. Without deep pockets anywhere, districts have to think strategically and look for even more creative ways to fund their priorities. The money is out there if you know how to look

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Clarksville Students Excel with A+®

The Clarksville Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) in Tennessee has been using the A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™) courseware from American Education Corporation since 2003.

Report Explores K-12 Engineering Possibilities

A committee of experts on diverse subjects has attempted to determine the scope of efforts to teach engineering in elementary and secondary schools. Issues include types of curricula and professional development, how engineering education interacts with science, technology, and mathematics, and the impact of initiatives.

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Editor’s Note: Big Ideas

One of the more satisfying aspects of this job is theopportunity to meet regularly with some of America’smost innovative educators and to pick their brains.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Name: Mars Exploration Rover Mission Brief Description of the Site: With exploration of Mars, the Red Planet, a fact, NASA has had to create a special site just to provide Mars exploration updates. There has been so much traffic on NASA's sites that this one is just for those hooked on Mars. As NASA's official