Accelerate Learning Announces STEMscopes Math

Still from STEMscopes video: STEMscopes Math - Two- and Three-Dimensional Figures, showing baseball and small wooden objects.

(Image credit: STEMscopes)

Educators know that basic math is a critical building block that students need—not only to understand how things work in the world, but also to master all other STEM subjects. Yet many kids don't make a connection between math and their daily lives, or may believe incorrectly that "I'm not good at math."

Accelerate Learning's new core mathematics program, STEMscopes™ Math, aims to make math relevant to young learners by revealing the wonder of math in the everyday world. The math curriculum will be available nationwide in June for grades 3-5.  

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards, STEMscopes Math combines digital and print components with hands-on kits to help teachers to create math learning experiences for students. The digital curriculum materials for students are also available in Spanish. 

Using the 5E plus Intervention and Acceleration lesson model, STEMscopes Math  provides interactive learning with the Concrete Representational Abstract (CRA) approach. The curriculum features inquiry-based math investigations, virtual manipulatives and interactive games, and encourages exploration with open-ended tasks. 

STEMscopes Math includes benchmark assessments for grades 3-5 to provide standards-based data and Quantile measures that track student progress and inform instruction. It features embedded strategies for diverse learners, including English language learners and students who need additional support.