ActivTable Donated to Bryant Elementary School

Promethean, in partnership with the Cobb School Foundation, has announced the donation of an ActivTable to Bryant Elementary School. The donation was announced at the Foundation’s first annual Leaders and Legends ball.

Elementary school teacher Jessica Klein was awarded the ActivTable by winning an essay contest about how technology could support students’ education and builds the 21st century skills necessary for future success. Bryant Elementary is the first school in the county to receive an ActivTable.

“Technology should be viewed as a means to enhance, explore and envision how thinking outside of the ordinary realm of learning will lead to success. We are grateful for Promethean’s contribution to the academic and social well-being of the 900+ scholars at Bryant Elementary,” said Dr. Freda R. Williams, Principal, Bryant Elementary School, Cobb County School District. “The ActivTable will allow my students to think outside of the box, to work collaboratively. It will also [allow] my teachers to change their teaching styles and to realize that not every child learns the same way.”

The ActivTable facilitates collaborative learning and problem-solving activities, allowing students to work in teams, pairs or individually to manipulate or create content. Teachers can develop projects and customize interactive activities pre-loaded on the table to reinforce lessons. With up to 12 simultaneous touch-points and natural gesture-based interactivity, the table facilitates collaboration among students who can use web browsers, tool libraries, applications and game-like activities.