Advances in smart textbook technology unveiled

Kno Inc. today announced the upcoming release of two new smart textbook capabilities, Kno Me and Kno Flashcards. The highly interactive features aim to increase learning efficiencies and engagement through cutting edge technology, behavioral analytics and learning automation.

Kno Me gives students a look into their studying habits through an interactive graphical dashboard that presents key learning metrics. The feature provides students with instant feedback on the time spent in a book, knowledge of key terms and even quiz results. Kno Me helps students establish goals for themselves in order to improve study habits and to produce better learning outcomes.

“The future of education will be driven by analytics and self paced learning. We are taking the first step by making the student more self-aware of their study behavior to help them visualize how they engage with materials or benchmark themselves against previous students who took the class,” said Osman Rashid CEO and Co-Founder of Kno. “This will eventually lead to improved outcomes for students and near real-time insights for professors on student engagement.”

The Kno Flashcard technology automatically converts any key term from within a textbook into an interactive flashcard so that students can test their understanding of terms. This capability is designed based on research on metacognition, spaced repetition and episodic memory to facilitate learning and long-term memory retention. The feature will bring over 40 million flashcards to more than 150,000 eTextbooks.