Alaska schools look to free online learning platform

Democrasoft, Inc., creator of Collaborize Classroom?, a free online learning platform, announced today their collaboration with the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development to make educational technology available to K-12 students in all Alaska elementary, middle and high schools.

With over 30% of its population living in rural areas and reliable transportation often lacking, Alaska's smaller schools struggle to stay connected to the rest of the state. The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development is working with students and district technology coordinators to provide all of Alaska's schools with an economical solution that can help overcome geographic challenges, while also teaching students how to communicate effectively online. Collaborize Classroom is a tool to help introduce high tech, blended-learning technology to schools across the state and the vehicle to help pilot the Alaska Student Voices Online Forum, where Alaskan students are asked for input on educational issues.

"In today's educational environment, schools must reach students in ways that are relevant to them," said Democrasoft CEO, Richard Lang. "Collaborize Classroom gives every student a voice and encourages participation from all students, including those who normally don't participate in class, allowing them all to participate on their own time."

Collaborize Classroom provides Alaska's teachers with a free online learning platform to help students feel connected and become a part of the decision-making process. Collaborize Classroom is designed to complement, not replace, classroom instruction, and engage students in online activities, assignments and discussions that will teach them valuable technology skills and online communication, a practice that will benefit them throughout their careers.