Allowing PDF highlighting and annotation

Question: Is it possible to enable others to highlight and make annotations to a PDF file that can be saved, without their purchasing the expensive full-version of Adobe Acrobat? I would like our teachers to be able to do this with the standard Adobe Reader software that is free.

The IT Guy says:
The latest (7.0) iteration of the Adobe Acrobat software program permits just the sort of functionality you are describing. The less expensive “Acrobat 7.0 Standard†software does not, but the pricier “Acrobat 7.0 Professional†package does allow someone to take an existing PDF file and use the pen highlighter, sticky note feature, pen, and other commenting tools. Adobe Reader 7.0 must be used for these features to be available, however. A detailed comparison among the latest Adobe Acrobat products is available on “Acrobat Family." Using one copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional, someone in your district’s technology department could edit existing PDF files and make them “annotation ready†for your teachers. In addition, note that you can add a password to a PDF File with the full version of Acrobat. This can be helpful if you want to distribute documents on a public Website but limit those who are able to open and view them. While you can also save the PDF file to prevent editing or printing, be aware that there are shareware utilities like PDFKey Pro for Mac OS X that permit any user to circumvent those restrictions. If you want to limit user options with a PDF file and prevent circumvention

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