BenQ EDLA Board Pro Stands Out At BETT 2024

BenQ EDLA Board Pro
(Image credit: Future)

The BenQ EDLA Board Pro was shown off at BETT 2024 this year as a stand out example of how smart screens should be done. It is, as the name suggests, an EDLA-certified screen, so it comes with the latest Android 13 OS. For educators that means access to all the latest Android apps without any lag or refresh issues, as has been the case in the past. All that and more help to make this one of the best of BETT 2024, overall.

This is a well-thought out bit of kit, designed specifically for education. As such, you get two stylus pens as standard, an app that allows controls from a tablet, laptop, or smartphone anywhere in the room, and a rich 4K resolution display. 

Unlike some of the competition, this also comes packing an NFC addition. This means teachers can tap in and login immediately with all their apps and tabs opened as they left previously. This is great for security but also for ease of use, especially if educators need to move between rooms and login for different use cases.

Luis Afonso, Business Development Manager, told Tech & Learning: "This is the development of the EDLA system, which gives a new level of access to Google apps that were previously not implemented in this way. You also have Microsoft apps for the best of both worlds -- all in one place."

Under the screen is a built-in soundbar with dual 20W speakers backed by a powerful subwoofer, which helps this to offer immersive audio even in larger room spaces. You also have eight microphones onboard so this device is able to pick-up audio accurately across the entire room – ideal for hybrid learning. 

The whiteboard feature is powerful, allowing you to dual screen with a browser and even drag images across to the board with ease. Write words and convert it to text with one button, then translate instantly with another. Crucially, that can all be done on the screen, or on a laptop with the app, all recorded so it can be shared with students at a later date if needed.

All that and this also offers anti-bacterial covers plus an air ionizer to clean the air as well as the option to add a camera system. The folks at BenQ appear to really have thought of everything with this Android- and Windows-friendly setup that integrate with most LMS options.

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