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Bernoulli Levitator

 The Bernoulli principle explains how atomizers work and why windows are sometimes sucked out of their frames as two trains rush past each other.  You can choose from two versions of this activity small or large.
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The Bernoulli principle explains how atomizers work and why windows are sometimes sucked out of their frames as two trains rush past each other. You can choose from two versions of this activity--small or large.



Interactive Whiteboards

About Interactive Whiteboards Interactive whiteboards are large writable display screens (usually in white color) that can be connected to a computer, allowing its screen to be displayed on the board through a projector. They are also sometimes referred to as

Take Time to Pilot New Technologies

Sometimes I feel that the staff and I are rushed into implementing new technologies without really understanding what we're doing, or why. Is this concern legitimate? Most school districts would not adopt a completely new textbook series without first piloting several series in different settings to see what

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Product: Serif DrawPlus X4

Windows-compatible DrawPlus X4 2D and 3D graphics tools create and polish Web images, stop-frame and key-frame Flash animations, logos, photos, and illustrations for print and digital projects.

Setting up your PDAs

Tip: What if you or your teachers are new to Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)? There are different types of Personal Digital Assistants from which to choose, including those on smart phones. PalmOS® and Windows Mobile™ Pocket PC are the main two operating systems that are used in schools and come

HealthiNation: The Common Cold

Series of short video programs, two to three minutes in length, on the common cold. Provides information on  symptoms, prevention, and treatments, and explains why colds are so contagious. courtesy of netTrekker

How Glaciers Work

How Glaciers Work This easy-to-understand site, with cartoon-like animation and large text, explains why glaciers move and allows users to navigate a glacier with the mouse to see different glacial features. Since scientists tell us that global warming is having a terrible impact on glaciers, this

Small Schools Project

Learn the philosophy behind the small schools movement and gather information about how to create and maintain small schools in a school district. You will find resources on converting large comprehensive schools into small schools of choice, as well as

Hiding and Finding Extensions

Tip: What if you cannot see the file extensions? Sometimes your Windows system hides the extensions. You can bring the extension back by changing your Windows setting. Open any folder on your computer. Choose Tools then Folder Options. Click View. Uncheck Hide extensions for known types. Click OK. PCs